My student projects


A blockchain, an app for student. Pay everything with telecoin on campus !

Project Telecoin

XML parsing techniques

In our web data model course, I had to do a project exploring the techniques about xml parsing.

  • XML
  • Python
Project Xml

Alpha Shoe

Predict if a pair of shoes will be returned

  • AI - data science
  • Python
Project Alpha Shoes


A simple MongoDb lab

  • MongoDb
  • Python
Project cadeau


A simple Redis lab

  • Redis
  • Python
Project Redis

My quick projects

Who wants a gift ?

A simple webapp that pick randomly who will get the next gift, very useful for christmas !

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
Project cadeau

PhD Cifre cost

How much cost a PhD student in France for a company ? check it out now !

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
Project Cifre

Explore Tgvmax

Explore how many trains you can get with the Tgvmax membership in France.

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
Project tgvmax

Companies and laboratories that I worked for